"Unforgettable Events Begin Long Before The Guests Arrive...

They Begin With Masterful Planning."

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On behalf of the staff at

Affairs Remembered, Congratulations to the both of you.


Now that you're engaged, you may be filled with questions and very confused about what steps to take next.


Given the elevated costs of wedding events and the time constraints involved with planning and coordinating the myriad of logistics, it becomes a challenge for everyone involved.




Planning a wedding requires hundreds of hours and it can become an overwhelming task, to say the least--but it doesn't have to be. A (certified) wedding professional has the training and experience to make even the toughest situations come together, while you relax and enjoy your special day. A wedding professional is part of your budget, not an extra expense, as many believe. A consultant plays an essential part in your planning, helping to avoid those costly mistakes, negotiating with the vendors on the couple's behalf to get you the best contract. Your consultant will become invaluable to you, when couples hire us, they get a walking wedding encyclopedia.



With this being said, can really afford not to hire a wedding professional.


The great diversity of cultures dictates a greater variety of ceremonies. Our Chief Consultant is knowledgeable in the areas  of several different ethnic and specialty ceremony traditions and customs. If you have a question about a religious tradition that we cannot answer, we will seek the correct information from the appropriate sources.



Your love story is different from any other. So of course you want your wedding to be a reflection of everything that defines you~individually as a couple.


We offer several options for today's "modern" bridal couple  and will see your vision through from start to finish. Our staff will handle as much or as little of your wedding events as you wish, including your pre & post wedding celebrations, all while being mindful of your time and budget.


Each wedding requires different levels of planning, therefore, an actual fee is determined on an individual wedding basis.




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Trina Myers, is a member, in good standing,

of the Association of Bridal Consultants &

the Association for Wedding Professionals International and will uphold a code of ethics.


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