"Unforgettable Events Begin Long Before The Guests Arrive...

They Begin With Masterful Planning."

Bridal Consultation




Hourly rates to assist you:


This service is designed to put you on the right track in the beginning stages of your planning process without retaining a wedding professional. If you are in need of services such as proper etiquette advisement, vendor referrals, site research, lodging & reservations. If you find that the planning you have initiated has taken a wrong turn and you need someone to assist you with efficient recovery, we are here to help. This service is also ideal if you would 

like to have a "human checklist" to ensure that all of the particulars have been completed in the necessary amount of time; do you have an extraordinary idea for your ceremony or reception but are not quite sure of the correct way to carry out the idea... contact us! 


There is no limit to the amount of consultation you can receive, as you will find sooner than later, the more consultation you receive the smoother the entire operation will run.


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